How to Get the Most out of Therapy” a short video by Tori Olds Ph.D.

I would highly recommend this video for clients who are keen to get the absolute best out of their therapy. Tori Olds Ph.D. who is based in Austin, Texas has a brilliant gift for making complex ideas simple, in my view a marker of someone with a deep understanding of their subject.

If you would like to go beyond “How to Get the Most out of Therapy” she has a wonderful series aimed at clients. Her “Transformation” series of 6 videos (7 if you include her introduction) give a fantastic insight into the therapeutic process. You can see them at or they are titled: 1) Emotions Are Not What You Think! 2) Your Issues Make Complete Sense! 3) Why Childhood Can Mess You Up. 4) Possibility for Change Through Memory Reconsolidation: How to Re-learn Life. 5) Transformation: A Deeper Kind of Growth. 6) How to Get the Most out of Therapy. They are all well worth a watch if you are embarking on a therapeutic exploration or are just curious.

In one of the videos, I really enjoyed Dr Old’s recounting the advice given to her when she first started out in practice; “Remember, people come to you with their solutions, not their problems”. This is true, the issue is usually the solution that has been adopted in the short-term to help cope with the original long-term problem. The solution often becomes difficult, unhealthy, problematic or impossible to maintain and this leads people to seek help!