Tony Chapman
Tony Chapman

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Experienced in a multitude of issues in both private practice, agency settings and within the National Health Service. This has helped me to identify my specialist areas of working with those living with the legacy of trauma and abuse.

Prior to my training I worked as a company director based in London. After 25 years and benefiting greatly from personal psychotherapy, I was inspired to embrace a lifestyle change and re-train in counselling and psychotherapy. This has enriched my life personally and has given me a greater depth of personal satisfaction. Enhanced self-awareness and training have allowed me to enable positive change in people’s lives.

A member of the National Counselling Society

A member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

Enhanced DBS Checked

Verified by Psychology Today

Accredited counsellor for the UK registered charity

Member of UK AEDP Community

Continued Professional Development

I have an on-going personal commitment to continued professional development as part of my own core beliefs as well as a requirement of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s Ethical Framework. I believe in working to professional standards and keeping myself informed about the latest developments in the field.

Please see a selection of my latest CPD activities:

2024 Working with the Pain of Abandonment – 4 CPD hrs

National Institute (USA) for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine

Exploring some of the harmful coping strategies that not only create more pain, but put clients at even greater risk of being rejected. Working with the desperate behaviours and hyper-reactivity that can make abandonment a self-fulfilling prophecy? Illustrating the latest strategies from the world’s 26 top experts including Dan Siegel MD, Bessel van der Kolk MD, Peter Levine MD and Pat Ogden PhD and colleagues to hear how they work with clients who have been abandoned.

2024 Sex Desire and Attachment – 6 CPD hrs

PESI UK Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd with Emily Nagoski Ph.D

Am I normal? is often the client’s refrain in the therapy room – over so many issues that arise during clinical sessions. Dr Nagoski is the bestselling author of “Come as You Are” and a sex education expert. She explores the bodies arousal system in light of the science of attachment and sex and the trauma survivor.

2024 Applying Polyvagal Theory and Memory Reconsolidation in Practice – 2 CPD hrs

PESI UK Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd with Kate Cohen-Posey, LMHC, LMFT

Exploring cutting-edge advances in brain research and how to translate it into practical methods that may reduce clients’ resistance, transform deeply disturbing emotions and reinforce treatment interventions? Locating hidden strengths and dissolving distress by activating their brains’ reward centres. This workshop uses tools developed from both memory reconsolidation and Polyvagal Theory.

2023 Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level-2 (CCTP II) – 22 CPD hrs

PESI UK Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd
with Janina Fisher Ph.D.

Treatment of Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), Working with post-traumatic triggers, repair deep attachment wounds, help with harmful coping strategies such as substance abuse and self-harming practices and overwhelming emotions of shame, anger, anxiety, fear and depression. Contributions from Bessel van der Kolk, Dan Siegel, Richard Schwartz, Judith Herman, Stephen Porges.

2023 Certified Clinical Trauma Professional Training Level-1 (CCTP I) – 24 CPD hrs

PESI UK Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd
with Janina Fisher Ph.D.

Working with the Legacy of Neurobiological Trauma and techniques from leading, evidence-based methods, including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems, mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy, and psychoanalysis. Contributions from Bessel van der Kolk, Dan Siegel, Richard Schwartz, Judith Herman and Stephen Porges.

2022 The Myth of Normal in an Insane Culture & Psychedelics in Modern Healing – 4 CPD hrs

PESI UK Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd
with Dr Gabor Maté

Digital Seminar on current topics in Psychotherapy and recovery. Mental Health and its relationship with our hyper-stressed, materialistic society, physical and mental illness are not aberrations but natural outcomes of a way of life. Treatment, therefore, must go beyond a focus on symptoms and diagnoses to address the causes of dysfunction from a bio-psycho-social perspective. The use of psychedelic substances, once considered therapeutically off-limits, in the clinical treatment of PTSD, depression, addictions, and a range of other conditions.

2022 Compassionate Enquiry Masterclass – 5.5 CPD hrs

PESI UK Psychotherapy Excellence Ltd with Dr Gabor Maté

In-session demonstrations and in-depth, therapist-to-therapist conversations, Dr Maté demonstrates how to attune to clients and guide them to the root problem and discover new solutions. Using Compassionate Inquiry to overcome addiction, anxiety, co-dependence, ADHD, and other difficult mental health challenges.

2022 Surviving Sexual Abuse and Thriving in Adulthood – 6 CPD hrs

Essential Therapy Training with Dana Barrows, Illinois, USA

Taught from the perspective of a therapist and sexual abuse survivor. Recognising the cognitive, emotional, and somatic symptoms within the nervous system and specifically how to treat each symptom with a unique integrated approach, healing in both the neocortex and subcortical parts of the brain.

2020-2021 Mindfulness Based Experiential Therapy – 372 CPD hrs

Level 6. Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body
MBET Centre, London Bridge SE1 (remote due to COVID19).

Advanced course in Mindfulness Based Experiential Therapy focusing on diversity, culture, ethics, research and the use of the self in psychotherapy.

2020 Expert Strategies for Working with Anxiety – 5 CPD hrs

National (US) Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine.

Expert treatment tools and interventions for Anxious clients. Content including Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Peter Levine and Dr Rick Hanson.

2020 Treating Obsessive Compulsive Disorder –  2 CPD hrs

Mind Body Breakthrough

Strategies for helping clients overcome OCD including Exposure and Response Prevention with Wale Oladipo

2020 AEDP Workshop; Increasing the Therapists Embodied Presence in Online Work – Online 3 CPD hrs

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy workshop with Sigal Bahat AEDP Supervisor Israel.

2020 Treating Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice – Online 2 CPD hrs

Mind Body Breakthrough

An anxiety recovery workshop with Wale Oladipo

2019 Trauma and the Body: Somatisation & Dissociation, 4 CPD hrs

Carolyn Spring

Both a professional and personal perspective on somatisation and dissociation, as a courageous and compassionate survivor herself of organised abuse and incest, this course looks at the ways in which trauma affects our mind and body.

2019 Working with Shame –  4 CPD hrs

National (US) Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine.

A course to complement “Treating Trauma” on the neurobiology of shame and how to heal from it, with content from Dr Marsha Linehan, Dr Kelly McGonical, Dr Stan Tatkin, Dr Sue Johnson, Dr Ruth Lanius & Dr Shelly Harrell.

2019 Working with Shame, 6 CPD hrs

Carolyn Spring, Amnesty International, London

Looking at what goes on in both the body and the brain during our evolved shame responses. The importance of the right brain in therapy for shame, balanced with left brain approaches. Aimed at helping those with a diagnosis of a mental health response to trauma such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

BACP CPD HUB Addiction Updates- Online 5 CPD hrs
  • 2019 The Neuroscience of Addiction, Dr Stella Vlachou.
  • Searching for a Secure Base? Attachment Perspectives on Addiction, Christine Askew
  • Practical Counselling Strategies and Interventions in Addiction Work,
  • Faisal Mahmood. Sugar – the New Baddie on the Block, Lou Lebentz
  • What’s Wrong with Porn? The Rising Prevalence of Sex and Pornography Addiction, Paula Hall
2018 Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention – Online 8 Weeks

The Centre for Addiction Treatment Studies

Mindfulness based relapse prevention was originally developed at the University of Washington Addictive Behaviours Research Centre. It is not a replacement for regular or residential treatment but it is useful at the point when you have been through treatment and are now faced with navigating the world full of temptation and dealing with cravings and urges.

2018 Treating Trauma Master Series, 5 CPD hrs

National (US) Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioural Medicine.

An in-depth look into the expert treatment tools and interventions that can be applied to work with traumatised clients. Content including Dr Bessel van der Kolk, Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Dan Siegel, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Allan Schore & Dr Peter Levine.

2018 Working with Couples – London, 2 days

Endorsed by College of Sexual Relationship Therapists.

2018 Cognitive Analytical Therapy (CAT) Workshop – Brighton, 2 days

Brighton General Hospital, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation trust.

2018 Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP) Immersion – London, 4 days

Seminar with Dr Diana Fosha. Undoing Aloneness & the Transformation of Emotional Suffering.

2017 Congress of Attachment and Trauma – London, 3 days

The resilience of mind & body, with the leading academics in the field of interpersonal neurobiology: Dr Louis Cozolino, Dr Rachel Yehuda, Dr Bessel Van Der Kolk, Dr Diana Fosha, Dr Antonio Damasio, Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Judith Herman, Dr Vittorio Gallese, Dr Pat Ogden, Dr Robin Shapiro & Dr Daniel Siegel.

2017 Advanced Mindfulness Training  – London, 5 days

With Hari Murday, MBET, Psychosynthesis Trust.

2016 Understanding the Many Faces of Anxiety – London, 4hrs

Seminar with Dr Rob Neborsky.


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