Please find below a selection of testimonials, they are gathered from my feedback form that is completed by the client after our therapy together. The form has an option for a brief comment and is returned to me via email. Testimonials are reproduced in full and verbatim, I hope they give some insight into my practice.

Within one session with Tony, he was able to pinpoint the root of my suffering and over the course of eight months has provided a guiding voice of insight, compassion and reason at a time of personal crisis; this has allowed me to transform my thinking, and in turn, many aspects of my life in a short amount of time. Tony is an incredibly attentive listener, patient teacher and has provided me with invaluable tools and insight into living a more content and fulfilling life – an experience I have immense gratitude for and hold close to my heart.

Tony helped me work through the most difficult year of my life so far, professionally and personally. He gave me the tools I needed to take a step back from difficult intrusive emotions and get much-needed perspective. When intense moments of anger, anxiety, or despair arise, I am now much better positioned to take a breath and notice why I’m feeling what I’m feeling – allowing the emotion to pass while also inquiring curiously into its roots in my past relationships. Tony has helped me, for perhaps the first time in my life, to practice self-compassion, learning that so much of the angst I experience is the product of outdated mental software, useful when I was a child – but no longer. Thanks to the skills I’ve learned, I am now far more present with my children, my partner, my friends and my colleagues. When I started, I was truly stuck in a ditch; Tony showed me how to climb out. 

Working with Tony has been a pleasure.  More than a pleasure because I am now much better.  I am not sure what to say about what has exactly changed except I feel that everything has.  I am more me, relaxed and able to do the things I want to do.  Tony has sat patiently with me through-out it all, prompted me with inciteful observations, summarised, reminded me of what is important and altogether been brilliant.  Sad to have finished working with him but actually very proud of what we have accomplished together and excited for the future!

During my time in therapy, I always felt listened to and that my experiences were valid. It was safe space, considering my therapy sessions were remote – which I was slightly anxious about at the beginning. Tony’s attention to detail helped pinpoint some underlying problems that would have remained unattended to otherwise, which remains to be a breakthrough for me personally. When you engage in therapy with Tony you are welcomed into an environment where you can explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences. One of the best investments I have ever made – thank you Tony

I would highly recommend Tony to anyone seeking to understand themselves more. After looking through various websites for a suitable therapist who used approaches that resonated with me, I chose Tony as he uses Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and mindfulness, both of which I had some experience of.  My experience was through Zoom which meant that I was able to see him despite living in a different part of the UK.  I got a lot out of each session and was able to really root out the causes for my long-term issues and develop strategies to manage these in future. 

I can’t say enough good things about Tony. I saw him for two years, and we made significant progress on the issues I wanted to work on (and some I wasn’t even aware of). 
Tony is very empathetic, patient, encouraging and I felt there was nothing too big, too little, or embarrassing that I could bring up. Whatever you are going through, if you are hesitating to try therapy, I would encourage you to give Tony a try. He has certainly helped me change my life for the better.

Tony has provided me with practical solutions to help me work through and manage my social anxiety and depression. I found Tony to be somebody who I felt comfortable with. Because of this I was able to work through the underlying causes of these issues that I hadn’t been able to reach or understand before, all in a thoughtful and compassionate manner. Tony has been an exceptional therapist and somebody I would recommend to anyone seeking help. 

Tony is a very warm, friendly and empathic therapist. I was able to totally relax and be myself during our sessions without any fear of judgment. He held the space for me at all times and I always felt safe during our sessions. His knowledge and experience came through along with his empathy and attentiveness.

I experienced more insight and hope for my future than I have ever experienced with any previous therapists. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone seeking therapy as he will ensure you receive the highest quality therapy in a warm, welcoming manner.

I feel very positive about the sessions I had with Tony, who has helped me massively in understanding my challenges and giving me tools to deal with them going forward. I found every session was helpful, he is very likable and put me at ease, and is very professional. He really listened and put in a lot of work to keep things progressing for me.

I would recommend Tony’s sessions to anyone seeking assistance with their issues as he is a very kind, easy-going and professional counsellor who you also feel genuinely cares about you.

I really felt that I was able to open up to Tony and I feel much healthier and happier as a result of our work together

My sessions with Tony have been life changing. Whilst experiencing the most difficult year of my life, the result of many years of carrying pain – the same year became the best year of my life, due to the healing journey that Tony guided me on. Tony is understanding, compassionate, warm and quickly created a safe space for me to move through everything that needed looking at, with his fully engaged support. Simultaneously, equipping me with the tools and practices to use going forward, so I can continue to be my authentic, happy self. Thank you Tony, I will be forever grateful.

I have had numerous counsellors before Tony, and I can safely say that he was the best and most effective with helping me with my issues and to grow as a person. I was particularly impressed with his ability to listen to every single thing I had to say. Over the 8 months or so that we were doing the sessions, I never once thought that he lost concentration and missed a single thing I had to say. As someone who struggles with concentration, I thought this was truly astonishing, especially as there was quite a bit to process at times! Another thing that I thought was very impressive was the work he put in behind the scenes and re-listened to our sessions to further his efforts to help me with my progress. This was obviously very effective and helped massively in reaching our goal. I have been trying to think of any negative constructive criticism, but I really can’t think of anything at all!

I would highly recommend Tony’s sessions as he is a very easy going, considerate and kind person who allows you to open-up about your problems. By seeing Tony, I have looked at my situation in a different way and it has given me the opportunity to improve myself.

You were very professional and listened calmly to my anxiety problems, you were able to put me at ease, your sessions helped a great deal. Your approach was so helpful and your suggestions about meditation were really helpful and most importantly very clear and easy to follow.

I found all the sessions very helpful. I was a little hesitant at first over the zoom sessions, but they worked out very well. Tony helped me through a very difficult part of my life where numerous things had converged on me at once. I found him to be likeable, engaging, sympathetic and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking help at difficult times.

From the moment I met Tony he allowed me to feel at complete ease. His ability to guide without pressure enabled me to figure out my own path and I can truly say that without his help I would not feel as happy and complete as I now do. Thank you Tony.

Tony offers practical guidance to issues which can sometimes feel overwhelming and without direction.  He is a calming and thoughtful presence and I thoroughly enjoyed our sessions.  I would highly recommend him. Thank you Tony, you have been life changing!.

To chat to someone who is so genuine, non-judgemental and understanding really pulled me out of an unhappy place. My time originally steered me on a path of self-understanding and being kinder to myself so much faster than I could have anticipated. Thank you!

Just wanted to send you a quick follow up email, as in person I feel like I didn’t get my thanks across enough! So thank you for the last few months of Tuesdays! I also thought you seemed very genuinely caring and that you really believed in the methods that you were practicing. I found the whole process really interesting and feel like I can take from the experience going forwards. So yeah – just a little thank you really! 

In the 5 weeks that I saw Tony, my life, perspective and way of thinking completely turned around. He helped me develop a strong and confident sense of self and helped my inner thoughts turn from constant, negative and punishing to calm, rational and self-compassionate. To anyone who struggles with self-love or feels trapped in their own mind, I would highly recommend Tony. Life is not a struggle now – it’s an adventure.

Thanks to Tony I was able to shift my perspectives and break cycling negative thought patterns that were holding me back. I now feel like I’m living a much happier more fulfilled life.

Tony was able to listen carefully to my concerns and issues and provide immediate counselling and feedback in a practical and easy to understand manner, this made the therapy exponentially effective and put me at ease. There was nothing I was afraid or resistant to share in Tony’s space.

You were absolutely brilliant. You’ve made a huge impact on my life and I will never forget our time and what you’ve helped me achieve.

When I met Tony I was at a particularly difficult time in my life, my long term addictions had caught up with me and my anxiety was deeply affecting my relationships with others, personally and professionally.

During our sessions Tony guided me towards the root cause of these issues and I felt I could discuss them openly in a safe and nurturing environment. This wasn’t easy for a cynic who had been defending himself from the world from an early age, but Tonys empathy and kind professionalism made this possible.

I began to look forward to spending time with Tony, it felt that we were exploring this stuff together and we shared the highs and lows of the process. It is not overstating to say that spending time with Tony has been life changing, my relationship with the world, and more importantly with myself has changed dramatically as a result of the time we spent together.

This was my first ever one-to-one series with a counsellor. Having tried Gamblers Anonymous for several years on and off, I have finally made great progress on beating my addiction.  I found so many things about my past that were key contributors to my present behaviour.  This experience has been undoubtedly life changing for my family and I.  Thank you Tony.

Dear Tony, Thank you for your wise, helpful words and your understanding nature. I have become aware of how to cope better. I will never forget that I should be kind to myself and I am so much happier today than on my first visit.

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