Dr Doidge is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and researcher who’s style is highly engaging and he makes the content easy to digest.

A series of personal stories (all equally fascinating but too numerous to look at each one here) helps us to understand difficult concepts by giving us often dramatic human stories to relate to. Our brains are not doomed to a slow decline, eventually creaking to a halt as we age, but are dynamic and plastic with the potential to rewire and reshape throughout our lives. This is so much more optimistic than the traditional view and very life affirming. The book has a sense of wonder that we are only at the beginning of a revolution in how we view ourselves and particularly the repercussions for psychotherapists working with the power of human potential. Educators in any field should take note that the students they teach do not fall into fixed sets; they are capable of moving forward at any stage of their education and thankfully at any age.