Dr Daniel J Siegel is a Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine in the United States.

He is a founding director of the Mindful Awareness Research Centre at UCLA and has written many best-selling books for parents, educators and clinicians, he is a founding editor of the highly acclaimed interdisciplinary series of books on Interpersonal Neurobiology published by Norton.

The Wheel of Awareness is a great tool for visualising meditation, making it very accessible. Through practice one can cultivate focus, presence, and peace. The wheel slowly encourages you, through a stepped approach toward the experience of being aware of awareness itself. Benefits of a regular meditation practice include, improved mental and emotional wellbeing, reduced stress. Higher levels of empathy, emotional intelligence, intuition and interpersonal skills. Benefits in physical health and one can expect a reduction in anxiety and depression. Learning to control attention and choosing where to place it, bringing new powers of concentration and focus.

Wheel of awareness link; https://www.wheelofawareness.com